Warkworth Business Lawyer – 3 Key Services

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Benefits Of Hiring A Warkworth Business Lawyer For Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you could be contemplating whether to hire a business lawyer for the small company you have started or not. However, this is a question that should not be debatable. Although you hope for the best, business is unpredictable, and plenty of unseen issues can occur. There is no guarantee everything will happen according to your plans despite how much effort you put in. Many businesses fail often not from their fault. By starting up a business, you expose yourself to many risks, hence the need for legal expertise. Lawyers have good legal knowledge to advise you on how to tackle many business-related issues to protect your business and yourself. For those on the Hibiscus Coast, a Warkworth business lawyer ought to be an early stop.


Drafting Of Contracts

Whatever the kind of business you are planning to operate, you will have to negotiate contracts in a few instances. It could be with employees, suppliers, or even the landlord. Many of these agreements are likely to have some legal language that you cannot comprehend. It is essential that you have a qualified local Warkworth business lawyer look at all business documents before you sign or agree to them. The lawyer will go through the document to make sure you are not getting into a risky situation and even to strengthen your position. Their assistance with any legal document, even product or service guarantees, will protect you as best as possible from any future risk or liabilities.


Preventive Measure

Warkworth business lawyerWhen you start a business, you are, in effect, creating an independent legal entity. This might be as a Partnership, a Limited Liability Company or even as a sole trader. Whichever from, you will require legal advice to guide you on the steps to take. These steps can range from the correct establishment of the trading entity with the Companies Register to Shareholder Agreements if you have one or more co-owners.


Your business must file Annual Returns, it needs to offer you protection as much as possible, and in the case of multiple owners, there needs to be a legal agreement about how any owner can exit the business.


Another preventative measure is making sure that any staff have a proper Employment Agreement and Job Description. Failure to do so can be very costly with a penalty of one thousand dollars per employee.



There are a variety of compliances with Health and Safety, Companies Register and often local government that need to be filed. Your accountant will take care of the tax issues.


A business lawyer will be able to explain these rules and obligations to you. For example, do you have a compliant Health and Safety code?  Again, failure to do so can be very expensive.


It is better to be safe than sorry so do invest time and of course money with a Warkworth business lawyer to give you peace of mind. This will allow you to focus on making your business successful rather than having to worry about legal obligations.


If you are on the Hibiscus Coast and are starting or already have a business, contact McVeagh Fleming for sound business legal advice. They have a local website here.