Different Options For Property Development Finance

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Different Options Available To Finding Property Development Finance

In recent years developers have found it challenging to access funding in order to finance property development projects. This is generally due to the reluctance of banking corporations to lend money for refurbishments and new constructions. Banks have become very cautious about lending to developers especially those with little or no experience.

Finance for property development projects

Funding for redevelopment projects is usually calculated by estimating the increased value of the development and then borrowing against that forecast. Funding can be released in various ways including as staged payments over time or on completion of pre-agreed stages in the project. An individual may obtain finance for a proportion of the loan to value however this will depend on the details of the project, the developer’s experience, the location and the nature of the project. This article will provide details on the different options available to financing property development projects.

1. A senior debt loan

Before seeking out property development finance you must determine what form of property finance you will be undertaking. A senior debt loan is recommended for residential and commercial projects as it covers between 60% and up to 80% of the property development loan value. This can be arranged against the gross development value with additional security and all interest payments may be deferred if necessary.

The senior debt loan takes its name from having seniority in the issuer’s capital structure, unlike a subordinated debt. This means that if an issuer should face bankruptcy the debt must be repaid before any other creditors (except the IRD and the liquidator) receive payment.

2. A mezzanine finance

Property development financing

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The mezzanine finance is also known as a second-charge loan or subordinated debt, which is placed beneath the aforementioned senior debt loan. This type of loan (the mezzanine finance) is similar to a short-term bridging loan as it enables financial funding of a construction project while the developer’s capital is invested elsewhere. Unfortunately this makes the loan a greater risk with high monthly interest rates, but the loan can represent values of up to 90% or 100%. The mezzanine loan is most suited to refurbishments and renovation projects.

3. Joint venture finance

One advantage about a joint venture financing option is that the project developer can obtain 100% funding for the construction. Of course, how the joint venture is set up is completely dependent on the development you are looking to complete. A legal document is drawn up to indicate how much income will be shared between individuals which alleviates any confusion between developers and financiers. It will also indicate who is liable for which project costs and what profits will be shared. The joint venture finance option can be used for almost all construction projects.

4. 100% property development finance

In some cases you may be able to negotiate bridging rate finance options without any need for profit sharing. One example of this includes situations where you already own the land; another instance is when you have a good relationship with the expert lending partner.

How to obtain the best property finance deal

Finding the best finance deal in today’s touch economic climate can be difficult however there are some steps one should follow to have a better chance. Firstly, always present a portfolio of successful developments as banks are more likely to finance ‘safe choices’. If you already own the land there is a greater chance you will receive planning consent as you already hold the title. Finally, by showing that the development will have a strong rental demand or there is a good exit strategy at the end of the project, there is a better chance of a loan.

Final words on the matter

Property development finance broker

Property development finance broker

There are various options to find funding for property development and each of them operate in different ways. If you have an understanding of each of these funding methods you will be able to navigate the financing of your construction project. However, even a brief glimpse into the world of property development finance is better than nothing. But, you must still talk to professionals, legal, accounting as well as financiers. Do not sign any documents until you have had thorough discussions with your lawyer and accountant.

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