Keyword Research Tips By A Wellington SEO Service Agency

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Wellington SEO And Keyword Selection


On a daily basis there are hundreds of millions of people who use the Internet to search for things they want or need. Users had a lot easier time finding exactly what they were looking for in the early days since there weren’t that many online entities to look through, and not that many services were offered. Therefore, it was easy to determine which websites were offering what they needed.


However, these days, there are hundreds of millions of pieces of content and web pages that are available along with along with the hundreds of millions of users using the Internet every day. Organisations, businesses, and even individuals make their own websites and content very easily, and therefore, searchers will end up needing to choose from hundreds or thousands of choices to find the information that relates to what they have been searching for. Companies have to compete to find a niche that they can work with and this is where keyword research comes in and how Wellington SEO companies can help.


Findable keywordsIn today’s current situation, search engines play a significant role.  Major search engines, such as Google, have created user interfaces which enable users to enter in keywords that relate to whatever they are searching for.  Different methods are then used to look for content links to be displayed.  They either use pure organic searches, where links are displayed that relate to the keywords, and included both paid and organic links, or robots are used.  Robots crawl across the code of every website and determine what the relationships are between the pages and links.


In order to maximise the search engines potential in providing business with the online traffic that they need (with traffic hopefully translating into sales), search engine optimisation (SEO) was developed. SEO focuses on providing businesses with quality websites and content to help them improve their rankings in the search engines results pages (SERPs). A customer-oriented approach is central to SEO, which is mainly achieved through providing high quality content on websites, and ensuring that the content contained on a website is relevant to whatever searchers are looking for.   There are specialist Wellington SEO agencies to help you.

However, in order for SEO to work properly, there needs to be a tangible and clear relationship between relevant content keywords. That is because if search engines have a hard time matching content to the keywords that users have entered and are searching for, then there is a good chance that the target market won’t find that website.


Wellington SEO agency – Keyword Research

SEO works very closely with keywords from the beginning when the business first starts. The business will pick up various keywords that their website is related to within the search engines. So when a searcher enters a keyword into the search engine that matches keywords that relate to a company’s website, then the highest ranking matches will be displayed in the search results.


Wellington SEO companyKeyword selection, along with all of the hard work that goes into it, is definitely worth it.  The keywords that a business chooses can either make or break their SEO and marketing campaigns.


To match the keywords of a business effectively to those that users enter into the search bar when they are looking for something, the keyword research process needs to consider the various keywords that relate to the same topic that can be used when searching for information on the subject.  To begin with, make a list of approximately 50 keywords and choose that that make the biggest impact to help you narrow down which keywords a company should bid on when attempting to rank for a top spot in the search results.


When choosing keywords, you also need to consider the kind of response that certain keywords will generate, in addition to the individuals who will respond to the keywords.  By choosing keywords to try to target specific customers bases, the business will have a higher chance of obtaining visitors to its website that are genuinely interested buyers rather than just online window shoppers.


Also, when keywords are selected that are the most relevant to the website’s content you can streamline traffic better in ways that will yield the highest profits.


Popular keywords are ones that are frequently entered by users into search engines.  Those popular keywords (and subsequently website) will usually gets very high amounts of traffic and therefore have higher rankings in the search results as well.


Although targeting, relevance, and popularity are all important, these need to be balanced with a specific keyword’s competitive demand.  Obviously, when there are more businesses that are competing for the same keyword that makes it harder to get top rankings for the keyword for a business to use.  Before choosing keywords, it is critical that you check to make sure that although keywords are targeted, relevant, and popular, they are not too competitive as well, which can make it very hard to rank for them.


Keywords selection is critical for all SEO campaigns.  It is only through considering keywords ahead of time and studying market behaviour in how it relates to the keywords can the benefits from this relationship be seen clearly. To see how your business can benefit from keyword research contact a Wellington SEO agency like GIG Internet Marketing.