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West Auckland Carpet Cleaner: Things To Know Before Using The Hot Water Extraction Method

Vacuuming is the most common approach taken when it comes to having a clean carpet. However, it mostly is useful in removing dirt and other small particles that may be on your floor carpet. Other things such as oils, stains, and sticky stuff such as gum will need a different cleaning approach to ensure your carpet looks clean and has no bad odours, and in severe cases, you might be best advised to hire a West Auckland carpet cleaner.

Deep carpet cleaning should be done periodically, but then again you need to do some light cleaning to lessen the burden and even minimize the chances of damage caused by the dirt, oils, and stains. The deep cleaning should be done annually or after around 18 months. That period can be longer depending on the type and volume of traffic the carpet endures. If you have few people walking on it and they do so bare feet, then the floor carpet is likely to require the deep cleaning as compared to a carpet where kids play, and people trample over it with shoes from outside.

As mentioned at the start, vacuuming is essential. Nonetheless, you do need to use the right equipment for the job. Some vacuums are not powerful enough, and thus they often leave residues behind. Therefore, you need a vacuum that will get the job done correctly.

Hot Water Extraction

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How water extraction is one of the highly-effective methods that a professional West Auckland carpet cleaner might recommend. It also is called steam cleaning. The technique involves the use of a pressured mixture of hot water and detergent that is expelled in spray-form onto the carpet to loosen the oils, stains, and dirt. A powerful vacuum is then used to remove these things along with any water into a holding tank. The steam cleaning equipment can be a portable, self-contained unit or a truck-mounted version. The professional cleaners recommend hot water extraction because it is an effective form of deep carpet cleaning.

Doing-It-Yourself Steam Cleaning

If you are thinking of doing the deep carpet cleaning yourself, then you should consider all the best options. For instance, steam cleaning is a technique that most professional opt to use. If you have decided to rent a steamer to cleaning your floor carpet, then you should ensure that you pick one that will give the best results. But most of the rentals do not do the job adequately; some even damage the carpet. As such, you should consider the following things when renting a steam cleaning machine:

  • Not all rental companies will have the kind of equipment that the professional carpet cleaners use. Sometimes what they provide will lack the vacuum power needed to ensure the carpet is not wet, so that dries within twelve hours after cleaning. The use such a machine will most likely damage your carpet since it will wet the fabrics cause them to become weak.
  • It the fibres of the carpet are damp or wet, they are prone to having mould and mildew as well as bacteria putting your family at health risk. Moreover, the wetness weakens the fibres and the backing causing them to separate. You can avoid such issues by using the correct stream carpet cleaning equipment and the right techniques.
  • If your carpet has a stain-resistant coating, it requires cleaning methods that observe stain resistant treatments to avoid impairing the stain resistance. Avoid using products that contain bleach as an active ingredient because they will damage the stain resistance while also messing up the colour and fibres of your carpet.
  • Also, avoid using silicone-based treatments when cleaning your floor carpets.
  • You can use fans and a dehumidifier to speed up the drying time. The dehumidifier sucks up the moisture for the air as the fans circulate the air around the carpet.

Professional West Auckland Carpet Cleaners

While it is possible to do the routine cleaning such as sweeping and vacuuming the carpet yourself, it is best to leave the deep steam cleaning to a professional West Auckland carpet cleaner. They have the products, equipment, and experience need to get the job done. They know which cleaning products are best to use on which type of carpets and can employ techniques that will not damage the fibres of your floor carpet and will see it dry fast with no foul smells.


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