Warkworth Divorce Lawyer

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Warkworth Divorce Lawyer For Help And Advice

A divorce lawyer is a lawyer that specialises in family law, and has experience in issues of divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, and spousal support. In times gone by, divorce in New Zealand was a negotiated arrangement which often ended with one party being disadvantaged by the settlement. As a result, people needed to hire a divorce lawyer to help them with the process, and to try to ensure that their client was not heavily disadvantaged.


Couple arguingFor people on the Hibiscus Coast, a Warkworth divorce lawyer would be the first port of call for help in seeking a divorce from their spouse. The lawyer would set expectations, negotiate with he other party’s lawyer, and draw up any necessary documents.


Nonetheless, inequality in divorce settlements was common. For example, the wife may not have had an equal share of the total assets, the husband might not pay child support, or the husband may end up giving the house to the wife and children. There were other issues too including access to savings portfolios, hidden assets, and more.


These days however, many aspects of divorce, or matrimonial separation, are set by the New Zealand government, and the components are not negotiable. For example, relationship property must be split equally, unless there is a prior agreement in place.


Similarly, Child Support, is determined by a government assessment tool and is calculated by the IRD. Payments are deducted from a person’s pay-packet, and paid to the other parent


As a result, often a divorce lawyer’s role is to manage expectations explaining that their client cannot expect to walk away with a significant advantage. The divorce lawyer will obviously also explain the laws relating to the various aspects of divorce, and spell out each party’s obligations under NZ divorce and separation law.


Relationship property must be split equally, and that includes all debts too, so it is nett relationship assets. Despite this fact, some couples find it difficult to accept that they will be “giving” their former spouse more assets than they think is fair or that they are due. As a result, many divorce cases drag on far longer than they need to. It is purely due to stubbornness on the part of one or both parties.


A divorce lawyer can help speed up the proceedings by explaining that the ultimate outcome is determined by law, and not by one party’s threats or negotiating skills. A good divorce lawyer will let their client know when they are being unreasonable or are asking for something that is not their right to ask for.


Warkworth divorce lawyerThe lawyer will also draw up the various settlement papers. This might include the Sale and Purchase of the family home by one partner, the formal transfer of savings or other assets, and processing mortgage documents for the sale of the family home or the purchase of a new home for their client.


Divorce is never easy, but a good divorce lawyer will make the experience as painless f as possible for their client.  A good divorce lawyer will help someone to resolve their case in the best way, emotionally and financially.


So despite the fact that relationship property, and child support costs are set by the government, hiring a divorce lawyer is still important to help people through the often highly-charged situation, and to understand their rights or obligations. In short, a good Warkworth divorce lawyer will help their client focus on the Big Picture, going forward with the rest of their life.

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